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Title: Den Blaa Lygte   (The Blue Lamp)  Click title for more info!
Genre(s): Action   Crime   
Poster theme(s): Police   
Director(s): Basil Dearden   
Actor(s): Jack Warner   Jimmy Hanley   Dirk Bogarde   Robert Flemyng   Bernard Lee   
Artist: Kurt Wenzel   
Company: Eagle Lion   
Film country: English   
Condition: A
Price (Dkk): 500
Title: Fristelsernes Havn   (Temptation Harbour)  Click title for more info!
Poster theme(s): Ship   Police   
Director(s): Lance Comfort   
Film country: English   
Condition: A-
Price (Dkk): 600
Title: Politiet spiller Højt Spil   (Information Recieved)  Click title for more info!
Genre(s): Crime   
Poster theme(s): Exploitation   Police   Weapon   
Director(s): Robert Lynn   
Actor(s): Sabine Sesselmann   William Sylvester   Hermione Baddeley   Edward Underdown   Robert Raglan   
Artist: Aage Lundvald   
Company: Universal   
Film country: USA   
Condition: A-
Price (Dkk): 200
Title: Sjov i Gaden  Click title for more info!
Genre(s): Comedy   
Poster theme(s): Car   Police   
Director(s): Carl Ottosen   
Actor(s): Dirch Passer   Birgit Sadolin   Ove Sprogøe   Willy Rathnov   Karl Stegger   
Artist: Aage Lundvald   
Company: Merry Film   
Film country: Denmark   
Condition: A
Price (Dkk): 450
Title: Skygger over Scotland Tard   (The Strange Affair)  Click title for more info!
Genre(s): Crime   Drama   
Poster theme(s): Police   Tower   
Director(s): David Greene   
Actor(s): Michael York   Jeremy Kemp   Susan George   Jack Watson   George A. Cooper   
Artist: John Stevenov   
Company: Paramount   
Film country: English   
Condition: A
Price (Dkk): 200
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