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Title: En Charmerende Synder   (The Rakes Progress(Notorious Gentleman))  Click title for more info!
Genre(s): Drama   Romance   
Poster theme(s): 1940s   
Director(s): Sidney Gilliat   
Actor(s): Rex Harrison   lilli Palmer   Godfrey Tearle   Griffith Jones   Margaret Johnston   
Artist: Kurt Wenzel   
Company: Eagle Lion   
Film country: English   
Condition: B-
Price (Dkk): 250
Title: Gaden uden Navn   (The Street with No Name)  Click title for more info!
Genre(s): Drama   Film-Noir   Thriller   
Poster theme(s): 1940s   
Director(s): William Keighley   
Actor(s): Mark Stevens   Richard Widmark   Lloyd Nolan   Barbara Lawrence   Ed Begley   
Company: 20th Century-Fox   
Film country: USA   
Condition: A
Price (Dkk): 500
Title: Imorgen og for Evigt   (Tomorrow Is Forever)  Click title for more info!
Genre(s): Drama   Film-Noir   
Poster theme(s): 1940s   
Director(s): Irving Pichel   
Actor(s): Claudette Colbert   Orson Welles   George Brent   Lucile Watson   Richard Long   
Film country: USA   
Condition: B
Price (Dkk): 500
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