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Title: Alle tiders Sportspige   (Pat and Mike)  Click title for more info!
Genre(s): Comedy   Romance   Sports   
Poster theme(s): Exploitation   
Director(s): George Cukor   
Actor(s): Spencer Tracy   Katharine Hepburn   Aldo Ray   William Ching   Sammy White   
Artist: . Gaston   
Company: Metro Goldwyn Mayer   
Film country: USA   
Condition: A-
Price (Dkk): 700
Title: Gæt hvem der kommer til Middag   (Guess Whos Coming to Dinner)  Click title for more info!
Genre(s): Romance   Drama   
Poster theme(s):
Director(s): Stanley Kramer   
Actor(s): Spencer Tracy   Sidney Poitier   Katharine Hepburn   Katharine Houghton   Cecil Kellaway   
Company: Columbia Pictures   
Film country: USA   
Condition: A
Price (Dkk): 500
Title: Pludselig sidste Sommer   (Suddenly, Last Summer)  Click title for more info!
Genre(s): Drama   Horror   
Poster theme(s): Exploitation   Beach   
Director(s): Joseph L. Mankiewicz   
Actor(s): Elizabeth Taylor   Katharine Hepburn   Montgomery Clift   Albert Dekker   Mercedes McCambridge   
Artist: Axel Holm   
Company: Columbia Pictures   
Film country: USA   
Condition: C
Price (Dkk): 500
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